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Voluntary Benefits

Making voluntary benefits part of your clients' programs helps them control costs while providing more employee choice and better coverage.

Paid directly to the employee, they can be used for things other insurance won't cover, such as lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and household bills.

<b>Types of policies include</b>:

Types of policies include:

  • Accident insurance
  • Cancer and critical illness insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Hospital confinement indemnity insurance
  • Life insurance

Advantages to employees: 

  • Flexibility
    • Policyholders choose how to use payments: for deductibles, co-payments and other expenses.
  • Portability
    • Employees can take coverage with them even if they change jobs or retire.
  • Stability
    • Coverage continues regardless of employment.
  • Convenience
    • Premiums can be paid via payroll deduction, bank draft or direct billing.

Advantages to employers:

  • Aid employee cost-sharing
    •  Employee-paid voluntary benefits can help offset the out-of-pocket expenses from medical plans.
  • Confirm eligible dependents
    • Annual reviews can help verify which dependents are actually eligible for health care plans.
  • Boost tax savings
    • Employee education increases Section 125 plan participation, which provides greater tax savings to employers.
  • Promote employee wellness
    • Employee awareness can help increase participation in wellness programs, for better returns on wellness investments.
  • Decrease enrollment expenses
    • Our turn-key solutions reduce or eliminate material, manpower and IT costs associated with enrollment.

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