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Should I Call Medicare or Social Security?

September 14, 2021

Medicare and Social Security are inextricably linked. Beneficiaries and agents have long been confused by whom to call for a given situation. Below are a few of the more common Medicare and Social Security questions that arise and whom to call for answers.

Medicare (; 1-800-Medicare)
1. What is covered under Medicare Part A and Part B
2. Original Medicare’s deductibles and other costs
3. Information on how to appeal a Medicare claim
4. Authorize another person to oversee your account/talk on your behalf, assist with claims
5. Find doctors and other providers who accept Medicare
6. Research Medicare Part C and D plans on the Plan Finder
7. Find supplement (Medigap) companies in a particular state
8. Find quality-of-care information on nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies and dialysis centers
9. Download or request the annual “Medicare and You” booklet be mailed
10. Research a library of pamphlets to download or be mailed on Medicare benefits and some Medicare regulations
11. Request a new Medicare card (links you to Social Security)

Social Security ( ; 1-800-772-1213)
1. Enroll in Part A and B of Medicare
2. Find out if eligible for Medicare
3. Find out premiums for Part A, if applicable, and Part B
4. Appeal Income Related Monthly Adjustment
5. Apply for the Extra Help Program (Part D financial assistance based on income)
6. Report a death
7. Search a library of pamphlets to download or be mailed on Social Security topics
8. Set up direct deposit
9. Change name, address, phone and bank
10. Request a new Medicare card
11. Print proof you do not receive benefits
12. Request a replacement Social Security or Medicare number
13. Get personalized retirement benefit estimates for yourself and spouse
14. Information on disability and when eligible for Medicare